Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yellow Wedding Flowers(Part One: The Work}

I am soooo bad, I haven't posted in a week!

Jeez...what a lazy bum am. What have I been up to?
Preparing for my next wedding this Saturday, practicing for symposium in three weeks, meeting with brides and planning a trip to Seattle with the fam.
No excuses though...I really need to keep up with my pictures. I have so many that I haven't shared. *sigh* why am I such a procrastinator?
But this week I am back on my game. :)
Here are some pictures to kick off my Yellow Wedding this weekend.

{Yellow Bride}

I met my yellow bride online about 9 months ago and she contacted me via my blog and asked if I would be willing available to help her with flowers for her wedding. She was around with orange and yellow and then finally narrowed it down to yellows, creams, and whites.
I was all for it and pretty soon we had a floral concept for her.

So the big day finally arrived and I had the pleasure of working with a lot of different types of flowers that were locally grown.

The only things we had shipped were Ecuadorian roses.
They were gorgeous!
I took my time and researched all the yellow flowers because I had never really worked a yellow wedding before so I did my homework and settled on four:
Creme de la Creme, Skylines, Latinas, and and white Polar Stars.

For a yellow wedding I would highly recommend these choices.
For a more butter color, the Cremes de la Creme were perfect, and for a true yellow, the Skyline and Latinas are awesome. The reason I like the Polar stars are because they open up like Garden Roses but they are much more cost effective.

These carnations came in pale yellow and in a saffron.

We used pale stock, and white tansy,

Yellow alstromeria, solidago, kermit mums, variegated lily grass, green lily grass, bluperum

White and bright yellow chrysanthemums, yellow buttons mums, gold Asiatic lilies, yellow gladiolas, salal, and bush ivy.

Pretty soon, we started working on the centerpiece and check in arrangements.
Here is one of them. The colors blend well don't they?

This is the Virgin Mary Bouquet.

Here is one of the centerpiece.
The skyline roses open up beautifully.....

Here are the other twelve ready to get loaded.
My floral bed.
Kinda makes me want to lay on top of them, hehe.

The other 12 centerpiece would be constructed on site.
Stay tuned for the set up!


Sprout said...

Other yellow roses to consider next time - 'Conga' and my new fave 'Gelosia'!

Bree said...

I've seen the Conga but not the Gelosia...hmmm...must google image the heck out of the Gelosia now. Thanks Sprout!

Sprout said...

Next time I get some I'll post a picture for you!