Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yellow Wedding Flowers(Part Two: The Set up}

{Yellow Wedding}

We set up at the Church in Concord California at St. Francis of Assisi on Saturday afternoon and let me tell you, that Caldecott Tunnel was no joke! It took us forever to get there and we arrived just in time to see the event before us loading and getting ready to leave.
We had 30 minutes to set up two large arrangements, one check in floral arrangement and fourteen pew decorations and pin on a slew of corsages and boutonnieres.

The men arrived first and here are the boutonnieres.
The soft yellow rose with the variegated ivy and myrtle was the grooms boutonniere and the yellow with salal and myrtle was the groomsmen boutonniere.
By then the bride had arrived with the bridesmaids and the flower girls so I was happy to race over to give her the bouquet and snap some pictures.

This is the Brides yellow bridal bouquet.
We had played around with orange and yellow and then finally settled on Pale yellow with some pops of bright yellow and a soft white. The roses are Polar Stars, Latinas, Creme dela Creme, and Skylines. There is a little bit of pale yellow stock in there too.

The bridesmaids bouquet were four different types of roses, pale yellow stock, white tansy, and pale yellow and saffron carnations. Slightly brighter than the brides bouquet and the yellow bouquets popped beautifully against the creamy yellow dresses they wore.

So pretty!

But the flowers girls...they were ADORABLE!
I told them they were the most beautiful flowers girls EVER and they beamed. :)
Before I knew it it was time to line up!
Here are the bridesmaids checking out their bouquets.

I just loved the color of the dress they chose!

As soon as they made their way out, here came the bride.

One last picture, and I hopped in the car to make it out to the reception venue.
The Bridges Golf Club is a really beautiful place. I really should have taken better pictures of the high ceilings and scenic views but I was way busy.
We set up two different centerpiece.
One was a garden style floral arrangement in a clear glass vase and the other was a hurricane vase filled with river rock a candle and 5 roses. We sprinkled rose petals around the tables.
Every wedding I do the flowers for I take a picture of table 15 because it's my lucky number.
Is that weird?

The head table was a long table that seated the entire wedding party. We were simple in the approach. I lined the edge with rose petals, small bud vases with single roses were staggered across the length of the table and in between would sit the vases with the yellow bridal and bridesmaids bouquet.

Look at these Skyline roses, aren't they gorgeous!!!???

I added the finishing touches and then here came the bride and groom.
They were kind enough to let me snap up a picture and I thanked them for letting me help them with the flowers and we were off!

The bride and groom had been planning this during her pregnancy and the I never got a chance to see their baby boy! He is two months old, can you imagine trying to plan a wedding?!?!
Brave, brave people....they did an awesome job thought. The dress, the venue, the paper products, everything was really, really nice.
Guys, I thank you for letting me be a part of your day, I hope you much love and success in your marriage! : )

They lived happily ever after....

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