Monday, June 1, 2009

Dragonfly does this dragonfly look to you?
My dear aunt asked me to make her a frilly, pink, overly cute bouquet for an older friend that was turning the big 8-0.
She loves carnations and the color pink so she was pretty easy to please. :)
My aunt asked for frilly and I gave her ribbon.
She asked for overly cute, I gave her obnoxiously cute.(IMO)
I threw in the dragonfly and kind of winced, she saw it and said,
OMG- I love it.
Which made me think...hmmmmmm do I like it or is it too much???

Callas, tulips, spray roses, carnations, waxflower, basil, fern,variegated boxwood.


Rosa_b said...

well I love it! Any kind of silk butterfly or a fuzzy bumble bee I like... its cute and fun, why not! It definatley makes me smile.

Bree said...

Hi Rosa_b!

I wasn't sure about it, but man, my aunt and her friends lost their minds over it, haha!=)