Friday, May 29, 2009

Pink Peony Wedding Part Two {The Ceremony}

I am basking in a free week of doing absolutely nothing.
Where do I have to be? Nowhere.
What do I have to do ? Not a darn thing.
Am I lazy? Yes.
Do I love it? Yup.
Can I stop with all these questions already??? ok.

I have been so out of it I forgot to finish my post on my Peony Bride from this last weekend!
Blasphemy, I know!

So here we go with the Ceremony, the set up of the Tea Ceremony and the Reception area.

{Pink Peony Bride}
The bride was just so pretty in her little blue cardigan and although I don't have a very clear picture, she has the cutest freckles and I thought her makeup looked really natural.
Once we were ready to start we lined everyone up and got right to it.
The wind was picking up and I felt so bad for the bridesmaids and bride, they were freezing!
Here is a picture of the aisle. The instructions were to use the lanterns if I thought we needed them and I thought they looked great on the inside of the aisle.

I wish I had a better picture of the chair decorations for the first row. :(
They were bunches of garden greens, roses, and lisianthus that weer tied off with big pink bows.

Once she was down the aisle, I headed to the last row and asked the people sitting in the back to please use the bubble machines once they started walking back down the aisle. They were bubble guns that you point and shoot a million bubbles out, you know?
I went to go fill up the glass containers with pretzels and when we were down to the last bag we heard cheering! The ceremony was about 7 minutes long!!! The fastest wedding vows ever.
I do, you do? K, we do. Kiss. lol!

So we put the last container of pretzels out, snapped a quick picture and watched the couple make their way down the aisle.

Bubble machines are great! Way better than having a few people huffing and puffing into those little wands. :)

After another flying veil shot, it was time to gather up all the guests for a group shot.
There is the very sweet and stealth like Dacia Lamb. I CANNOT wait to see her pictures.
here's a link to her site, it's pretty amazing.

Then it was time to put that cute cardigan back on and get to the reception venue.

We broke down the reception area and left to the restaurant, Yet Wah on Clement street in San Francisco a short ten minutes away to begin the set up f0r the tea ceremony and the reception for the guests.

I forgot to clear my memory chip from my last event and hadn't uploaded my pictures to my computer so I had to conserve memory and only take a few pictures. I was so bummed.
So here are some of the shots I took at the restaurant.

We reused the flower bunches that were on the chairs at the ceremony to decorate the ledge of the stage where the couple and their parents were seated.

We placed a large floral spray in front of the head table.

We set up the cute Ferrero Rocher escort cards.
I wanted to do this so badly for my wedding, but I ran out of time and chose to emboss stickers instead of making the toothpick cards. Looking back I think I chose the hard way out actually, hehe.
Super cute!
We placed a gift box filled with candies, alternating pink and gold, at every place setting along with a card that asked guests to share pictures, and a flower in each wine glass.

I felt incredibly guilty that she hadn't ordered a toss bouquet and figured she would sacrifice one of the brides maid bouquets, so I made her one on the spot with left over florals. I always carry all my tools and ribbon so I can take care of last minute things if I have to.
Incidentally, I ended up making another boutonniere for her dad because he was hugging so many people that his cymbidium petal was broken and I thought it looked weird without a petal.

Finally, the cake was delivered and the bride asked if I could please decorate the top top of the cake with peonies. I think I'm more comfortable doing this :)

While I was running around, checking stuff off the list, the bride went to go change into her red dress and started to put on all the gorgeous jewelry that was gifted from her parents.

I loved it when it was the grooms turn to have his jewelry put on.

The whole family was fawning over him and dad, was like" No, no, no! Like this..."

Then it was time for the tea ceremony. At this point it was time for us to go.

They lived happily ever after....

The girls and I packed up and left. Debbie and Allison help me out on wedding days and I thank them for all their hard work!

C&E you two are such incredibly nice people. I wish you nothing but happiness, health and success in your marriage. I really enjoyed working with you guys and I thought all the details of your wedding were just fabulous and I am beside myself with the kindness and generosity you and your family extended to me and my team that day.

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