Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mango Wedding {The flowers}

My fabulous Menlo Park couple re-tied the knot today and I dropped off a few goodies for them.

Confession time:

I wanted to eat the brides bouquet.
I have this weird habit when I'm extremely happy or visually stimulated by something outrageously fantabulous, I tend to express my thoughts in extreme ways that don't make sense to most if an arrangement somewhere stops me in my tracks I say:

"They are so gorgeous I want to eat them."
"Ugh. They're so fabulous I want to puke."
"OMG, the color is so ridiculous , I CAN"T STAND IT!!!"

My husband is used to this but when I say it out loud to some people, they look at me all strange....what they don't know is that sadly that's practically the best thing my brain can come up with when its on beauty overload! hehe.
I have issues :P
I got a new camera for mother's day and I just want to show off my pictures to you.

I love my camera so much, I want to eat it!
See? Now you get me.

Milva Roses and Coral Hypericum.

Scotch broom is growing wild right now and I adore it! :)

Mango Callas.

I mean look at these GORGEOUS yellow spray roses

Don't they make you sick???
Or is it just me?

So then it was off to work.

I loved making this bouquet so much because I truly love Milva roses and Mango Callas.

Stay tuned........

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