Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Black and White Bridal Bouquet

I am really happy right now that peonies are here for the season. They will make a return later on this year for a December wedding and I am happy to make a mock up bouquet for my bride.

It's no wonder that many brides covet the peony, I mean whats not to like? Gorgeous color, huge heads, fluffy oohy gooey blooms that make you drool.

Kinda diggin this black and white polka dot ribbon wrap.

Makes me want a do over for my wedding bouquet!
But of course these bad girls are not available to me in February, but a girl can dream....


Janet said...

I love the bouquet! I know what you mean about do-overs for your own wedding - If I could just do my wedding over again, and again, and again... ;)

Bree said...

My husband thinks I'm crazy but we are actually going to renew our vows every 4 years. Why? Because our anniversary is on leap day so I told him we would have to get married every four years to celebrate our anniversary, hehe....soooo I figure I, er-we- could have every single wedding I can possibly dream up!