Saturday, June 13, 2009

Baby Shower for a Baby Boy!

Yes, another shower!
Told ya. Last week everyone rushed out to get pregnant.
Haha, just kidding, C &A have been planning this shower for a minute now. It was actually bigger than some weddings I have had this year!!!!! Can you believe it? 200+ people at a shower!
Holy Moly. My wedding wasn't that big...well almost, but still. They have a lot of family and friends and a lot of love going on. :)

{Baby Boys}

I had the task of dying some of the most beautiful white Akito Roses I have had to a baby blue color. These roses were so white I couldn't figure out what setting to put my camera on so it could capture the detail!
Locally grown geranium smells SO GOOD to me.....

The flowers were dyed so that they could be dropped into varying heights glass cylinder vases, submerged in water and placed in the table as centerpiece. We set out forty of these glass vases.

I made the mothers a corsage to wear for the day. The first corsage is more modern,I decorated with some aqua bouillon and some baby blue decorative wire. The corsage is made out of lime dendrobiums, some white spray roses, and a little bit of wax flower.

That wax flower kills me when the little buds are pearlescent like that.
They are perfectly white buds that add great detail to corsages I think. :)

This is a more traditional corsage for the mother of The grandmother! lol, omg. I was kind at a blank there. I am so used to saying Mother of the Bride! :)
Anyhow! This corsage is blue and white with a touch of lime. I used an Akito Rose, some kermit mums, white spray roses and some white wax flower.

We places a small check-in arrangement at the sign in table.
This little guys has baby blue hydrangea, white Akito roses, white spray roses, myrtle, fern, geranium, lemon Leaf, lime dendrobium, and some wax flower.

The parents to be were so cute! They put a picture of the baby's sonogram up for everyone to see. If you look closely you can see the baby is sucking his thumb. I told her that my son, did that in his sonogram picture too, and that he unfortunately, uses a pacifier and is addicted to that thing. :(

One of her girlfriends made a diaper cake. Isn't it cute? Perfect for a Baby Boy.

I let her use my candy bar containers and scoops for her shower.
You cannot go wrong with a candy bar! I tell ya, guests *love* it.
It also makes for awesome pictures.

This are the labels she made.
For all you DIY-ers her how to make the labels for a candy bar bag.
Super easy.
All it takes is plastics bags that you can get at a party store or a dollar store.
You can but the labels at an Office supply store or if you have access to a Paper Source you can get super cute colors there.
GO to this link that Paper Source offers and download a free template.
Print form home in a few minutes and Voila!
Super Cute labels to attach to anything.

Girls after my own heart. Her girlfriends made cupcakes. Super Cute Cupcakes!
After all, what's a baby shower without cupcakes?

The buffet was being placed as I was heading out. I wish I could have stayed!

They are too cute with their matching outfits.
LOVE them!
That baby is going to be the cutest thing ever and it's going to be so loved once he gets here in August. Thanks for letting me be a part guys. Wish I could have stayed and enjoyed the lumpias but the boy was ill and duty called. You will soon enter the Parent Zone :P

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