Monday, June 29, 2009

Purple Bride {The work}

{Purple Bride}
My purple wedding was a fun experience for me because I love when I get to work with darker colors that most brides stay away from. How happy was I when she emailed me her wedding colors; Deep purple, plum, reds, black and cream?!Score.

These Black Beauty and Black Bacara Rose were gorgeous.

These Hydrangeas were something else.
My camera does not do them justice.
They were wine with a purple center and the other hydrangea bunch were deep purple with a blue center. Crazy.

Buddleia or "Butterfly Bush" was the perfect other element that I wanted to make the centerpiece a little crazy and off balance. I was looking for a sort of unstructured round.
They were the perfect shade of purple and again, my camera can't capture the deep rich purple with magenta highlights that this flower has.

So pretty soon we were ankle deep in centerpieces

We packed up and headed out to the Argonaut Hotel.
Here's a quick shot of the bridal bouquet.

The brides bouquet was composed of black callas, purple callas, black magic and bacarra roses, purple hydrangea, and wine colored hydrangea.
We did a black satin corset handle with a few white pearl head pins.

Then it was off to the ceremony and reception area.


Sprout said...

LOVE purple - these are gorgeous! But find purple really hard to photograph - either comes out too blue or too did well. :-)

PS I have lousy luck w/ buddleia - any tips? It keels over like no one's business.

Janet said...

I love that color combo!

Bree said...

Sprout, I hate that too.
I could not capture the beautiful colors on my camera, hope the professional photog can send me some pictures :P
Ya know for woody stems I always use alum when I process them and it always works. I should "quick dip" them, but I stick to alum.
My Ikebana godess, Soho, says if alum doesn't work to sear woody stems. I can't quite bring myself to do it. :(

Thanks Janet!
Her dress was a gorgeous A line creamy sheath with a black sash. So pretty.....makes me want to have some edgier, darker brides!