Friday, November 13, 2009

Succulent Bride {Part Two: The Centerpiece}

My lovely bride wanted her bridal bouquet to have green succulents, greens and pops of yellow.
So we built up form the green succulents and used cream roses and spray roses, yellow oncidiums orchids, lotus pods and china berries.

For the reception we went back to Marin and Arts Garden in Ross, CA. The couple knew they wanted to incorporate the succulents again and liked the idea of fruit in centerpeice. So when we got together to discuss the colors which were burgundy and gold, immediately I knew we would have to go for those dark succulents, some magnolia leaves, the rust colored pompoms that the bride liked and then I suggested pomegranates and she loved the idea, so we were set.

When we got to the rose color I assumed she would have picked a dark burgundy or a cream and so when I asked her to picture what we had sketched in her mind and then to tell me what color she envisioned in the roses,
she said Peach. It was quite unexpected. But it worked! :)
So here is what we came up with.

For the check in table we had a simple arrangement set up of the nice big burgundy succulent, the caramel roses, magnolia, mums and china berries.

We also had one sitting on the bar that fit perfectly in a little tiny platform.

This has been my favorite wedding combo yet!
I loved working with the succulents and I was happy with the result. It was super important to the bride that she be able to replant her flowers in her garden and I hope that she does. :)

The groom's mother met me in the parking lot and she looked at the centerpiece and then said Oh my God, give me a hug!

haha! I loved it and she totally made my day! :)

Thanks Y&T! You two are the best and I wish you much love and success!

{and they lived happily ever after....}


Janet said...

You totally rocked out that combo of peach roses, succulents and pomegranates. Looks gorgeous!!!

Bree said...

Thanks Janet!
The caramel roses were delicious enough to eat. :)

Ted Samson said...

Hi Brenda. It's Ted, the succulent groom. Just dropped by your blog as I was writing a review of your services on Yelp (five stars, of course :) ) and was excited to see the posts about our wedding. The pictures brought back lovely memories. Thanks again for helping make our wedding so special and memorable. I couldn't recommend your services more. Feel free to use Yehudith and I as references any time.