Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Green Dianthus Ball Bouquet

Getting ready for Thanksgiving!!!!

I'm excited and happy that I have a few things to do this week that give me creative freedom.

First up is a sample of what I consider green and white with a bit of gold.
I love this green dianthus ball{AKA green carnations!}
I refer to is as a Horton Hears A who flower ; )
This bouquet has light green hydrangea, green dianthus, gold cockscomb, and white avalanche roses.

Similar to the idea in my previous post I made this bouquet so that it would drop into a vase that has equisetum( horsetail) in it.
I think it allows it to double as a bar arrangement, check in table, escort card table, or bathroom arrangement.

This vignette is to show how we incorporate levels using simple white vases. The ones I used I bought at Ikea a while back to hold short stems on my counter.

Here is the unconventional masculine boutonniere.
banding the horsetail like in the vases earlier and just using a bit of the dianthus with the cockscomb for color.

Here's a quick table number idea for a bride who wants something a little different.
I'm proposing we do this on a HUGE level.
Carry the idea of banding horsetail together with gold flowers, in this case orchids, so just give it some color in small placements.

These are left over escort cards from my own wedding I had lying around.
They were simple Crane&Co. envelopes in a 2x2 with black embossed lettering in the back that says "TABLE" and the front that says the name of the guest,
who didn't ,ahem, show at my wedding : /
Then finally the insert is a Martha Stewart stamp that has the table number in it.


Great flower lady said...

Oh my I LOVE IT love the horse tail. I started using it this past summer.. love the vase design too.. great JOB!

Janet said...

What a fun bouquet! and I love the grouping with the little ikea vases. Way to multi-purpose the flowers!

Bree said...


Increasingly I have been asked to cut flowers out do to the budget, but my thing is why cut something completely out, or make something really skimpy and ugly? Let's reuse the most we can and get creative with design. It doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg to look like it cost a arm and leg. :P

Horsetail is pretty darn awesome. I love it too!

Flower Design Jane said...

I really love your work and this is all quite delicious