Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Candied Apple Wedding Bouquet

First of all shout out to Elizabeth for making my day yesterday by emailing me and lettingme she liked my blog. Thanks so much that made me smile all day!

Thanks to Janet for helping me with naming one of my bouquets "Butterscotch" because I am working with someone to build by site and I wanted to name my bouquets and I have been playing around with the candy names, so Janet's psychic suggestion without even knowing my plan was perfect!

Here is a bouquet I madeto show a cousin of mine who is getting married next year a lot of different options for her wedding flowers. She lives out in Nevada so I will be posting everything pink and silver and black even on my blog so she can visit and let me know what she thinks.

I have a dahlia bouquet I made a couple weeks ago that I have to post but I thought I would share this one first since I will be doing an Ikebana post shortly that includes the use of the green balloon flowers.

I bought flowers from a local farmers market this time to try out a new vendor so I don't have the names of the pink roses. I also used china berries, rosehips, and green balloon flowers. At least that is what my Ikebana and I instructor calls them, but I will have to find the botanical name...does anyone know?

So does Candied Apple fit? :)


Sprout said...

Yes, Candies Apple does fit! Good one!

The green thing you're calling balloon flower is just another kind of asclepias - in the milkweed family. Watch out if those pods open, fuzzy things flying everywhere!

Bree said...

Hey Sprout~Thanks!
I couldn't remember the botanical name to save my life and I tried every variation of "balloon"-something...turns out it's a balloon plant.

I decided to pop one a while back and nothing flew out, but it does leak when you cut the stem. It comes out white like Snow-on-the-Mountain ya know?

Janet said...

Hey Bree,
I'm glad I could help out with the candy-name inspiration! I guess I have a sweet tooth!