Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Happy Halloween Bride

{Halloween Bride}
It was a crazy floral weekend folks...
A bridal bouquet pick up, Halloween party flowers, a mock up for a trial bouquet for a brown copper yellow wedding, and a succulent wedding today. I'm beat.

This bouquet was a quick pick up for a bridal bouquet and matching boutonniere.
It was a simple bouquet composed of peach roses, chocolate cosmos, and burgundy succulents.

The matching boutonniere was a simple rose to match on peach, a smaller burgundy succulent with a leave backing and a grosgrain brown and gold ribbon I have been harboring for a while now.

This little burgundy succulent was one of the smaller ones that I couldn't use on the centerpiece for my succulent wedding but perfect for small boutonniere.

See? Halloween bouquets don't have to be scary right?


Part two of this post is a few pictures from my sisters Halloween Party.

Iguana roses, rose hips, china berries, a tiny bit of pitto, amaranthus, and a branch that is spray painted black with some orange glitter.

This one is I wanted to make with clear separate groupings with contrasting colors.
Rust cymbidiums, yellow oncidiums, black millet, orange mokara orchids, green china berries, and red rose hips.
I printed a picture of my sister and her boyfriend on some velum paper, taped it to some cylinder vases I had, stuck a candle inside and called it day! :)

She made some cupcakes and caramel apples and borrowed my cupcake stand and created a beautiful(and yummy) display.
I was shocked when I walked into the kitchen because my sister, self admittedly ,can't boil water and this looks damn good. So good in fact I paid her a backhanded compliment and told her I thought for a split second that maybe I had made it! lol

Cutest pumpkin centipede or what?

Anyhow, hope you had a great Halloween!

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Flower Design Jane said...

Totally fabulous, love the boutonniere