Monday, August 31, 2009

Warning: Caution*****DANGER****step away from the rant


I apologize in advance if you don't like what you are about to read. I am normally a nice...well...I am normally a reasonable, woman. :D But today, I don't really want to be PC.

The Rant:

I am a studio designer. These are my questions as I read a blog that I really like, but was thrown off because she is knocking studio and home based designers.

What if I don't want to have a bucket shop?
What if I do and I just can't afford it now in this economy?
What if retail space is almost $10k in my area?
Does this make me less of a designer than you?
What if I freelance for other studios and floral shops and I like working my own events and want to set my own hours.
What if I charge $100 for my basic bridal bouquets, and you charge $300..should I adjust? Or should you?
What if I have worked for bucket shops and their stuff is garbage and they hire me to do some stuff that I can't put my name on or document because they get the cred?
What if I my flowers were published but I couldn't get the cred because I was technically working for studio and moonlighting at the same time?
What if I am better in my baby stages than you are in your 10th or 16th year?
What if your business model sucks and you aren't competitive because of your overhead and it sucks to be you right now?
What if, hehe, what if you can't be competitive because you pay other designers to make your designs because you and your flowers are dated....

*sigh* that was the one that made me feel better to type.

So now I'm coming back to happy land.

Just do me a favor, don't knock our hustle.
You don't know what we are up to, but we are coming. :)
Hitting publish before I change my mind.


Flower Design Jane said...

You see the thing is, florists, other event professionals get jealous of your success, I always feel bad when I hear or see some negative stuff about what we're doing (never I might add from a client always from an on-looker who hasn't the energy to keep up with us) and I used to let it get to me, but not any more, let it go over your head and do what you do best exactly how you want to!

LotusHaus said...

You go girl! Do YOU! Big Ups to freelancers and studio designers!!!!

Anonymous said...


Thank you, thank you so much for this post. I seen such negativity on the web about home base designers. I believe your post hit it right on the nail. I echo flower design Jane, I don't let it bother me. My philosophy is not to hurt or bring someone down intentionally as I continue to hone my skills to become a better designer. I actually stop reading about negative blogposts . I don't take in garbage so there is no room for it to settle. Have a great week!


kwofield said...

Hmmmmm, wonder if it was the same blog that put me all in a tizzy!!!! I wrote her and said the same things you did. She did apologize but I don't think she really got it. I am doing a wedding for a girl who was quoted $2000 for JUST personal flowers, no centerpieces! I am doing it for $900. She was elated.

Bree said...

Flower Design Jane~
Thanks! :) I normally read it and go "Meh" but for some reason that one post got me. I think it was the term garage enthusiasts that made me want to throw my kenzan at them.
What a lady huh? heehee

Thank you :D I really do feel better today, haha! I just don't want anyone thinking that what we do isn't valid or some fly by night thing ya know?

Yeah, I have a confession. My she blogger is really a he... but I too have read other blogs that vilify the home or studio designer, but I always say to each his own.

I don't mean to undercut anyone for business. Hell, I think that some fabulous studio designers like my fave Water Lily Pond should charge what they charge for what I consider floral art. If I had it, I would pay her what she charges for her bouqets because IMHO it's worth it!
I'm not at a level that I can charge 2k for personal flowers and maybe someday I will.But don't get it twisted, I don't want to work for free and I don't do this is as a hobby part time.
But right now, with little to no overhead, and the will to work for a little bit less to build my portfolio like I want it and to genuinely help a bride out with her flowers and help myself while I'm at it is a no brainer for me.

Stay in your own lane, I say. Know that there is a niche that we each target and know that we can all be happy and eat WITHOUT putting each other down.

whoah. that was a rant in itself! sorry :(

Bree said...


Amen sister.

:) Have a wonderful week. can you beliive it's September already????

Keith said...

You keep doing what you're doing, and ignore her. I have a background in retail(first) and then freelance design. I have to admit I was much like the person you are describing until I learned more about the freelance and studio design world(obviously she know nothing about it). YOU are able to concentrate on getting each event right, and spending your time concentrating on that client instead of multitasking events. Take it as a compliment that you and others like you have caught the eye of traditional florists.I see more and more brides going to smaller studio designers who are able to give them better personal service and , more creative work that is done beautifully. Who can argue with that? It's a changing market and some people don't get it. You keep rockin' the design world!

Elaine said...


The recent Green Room wedding bride here! Just want to say we absolutely loved with your florals, and we got so many compliments about your work. I know something about flowers (you are right -- I was thinking of at least partially DIYing but nixed that idea), but I'm clearly not professional like you -- I know how important it is to find a designer who actually enjoys doing weddings (some don't), has a good sense of aesthetic, pays attention to detail, laid back but organized, AND sensitive to our budget -- you were awesome. These were all important things that I looked for (flowers were my domain among the wedding tasks). Without disparaging retail shops -- and we know it must be challenging to have a store in SF esp in the recession -- we really appreciated that you didn't try to gouge us to (understandably) cover overhead, as retail stores have that kind of pressure, and we knew you were specifically ordering flowers just for our event. The most important thing for selecting you-- store or in-home designer -- was we liked you and you were clearly so enthusiastic about flowers and easy to talk to...a no brainer to have you do our flowers! Anyway you exceeded our expectations (and they were high already). I plan to post on public venues -- we don't have our prof photos yet --we think you deserve great publicity. :)

Liz said...

you go girl!! haha! I am REALLY in my baby stage of home based floral designs, but I still get criticized and it really ticks me off because no one should have to put up with that crap. It takes a lot to put yourself out there, and God knows when you have a passion for something you put your WHOLE HEART into it. Your designs are amazing and don't let anyone make you think otherwise!!