Friday, August 28, 2009

Industrial Chic

I love it when couples are willing to try something new.
I love that someone wants to see what copper mesh and succulents would look like and mostly, I love creative freedom. :D

A while back I made a napkin ring holder that was a lotus pod made out of copper mesh and decorative wire. I liked it but I didn't have a place where I could show it off. I also wanted something to mix it with something sustainable and so I found the perfect union. I have a bunch of horsetail and succulents growing outside, and left over copper mesh and copper wire, so I suggested to a bride that was looking for something in green to consider the addition of copper.

Here is what I call Industrial Chic.

This is a corsage with a matching boutonniere.

Here's a close up of the boutonniere, it's made out of equisetum and a small succulent with a copper mesh wound around it.

Hope you like!


Janet said...

That boutonniere and corsage are too cool! These pictures just made me go crazy with ideas - I need to look through all of my architectural model building supplies and see if I can come up with some interesting materials...

Bree said...

cool! send me a link :D I have an Ikebana lesson that requires you to combine "found" items with fresh flowers. I have been searching for stuff everywhere!

Flower Design Jane said...

What an excellent design, just brilliant

Bree said...

Thanks FDJ!