Saturday, August 1, 2009

AIFD Symposium{The Wedding Bouquets}

Oh sweet Jesus, when they came on stage I just about started crying a little because I thought they were so beautiful and I was waiting to see them up close. Luckily they set them all out for display for me to drool over these lovely bouquets.

As a result of this, I am determined to make it to the Green Academy Belgium.
I talked to Isabel Gilbert Palmer at symposium before the show and after the show and would love to go for their ten day workshop in Paris and Belgium. My instructor, Holly, who
is a past AIFD president, introduced my friends and I to Thomas De Bruyne, who happens to be one of the instructors at the Green Academy and a part of Life3, and he was marvelous.
He makes stuff like this:


That rocks my world.
One way or another, I'm going to get myself there. : )

Some of the following bouquets were made and presented by Ania Norwood, Moniek Vanden Berghe, Isabel Gilbert Palmer, and Bruce Wright.

Keep in mind these are freeze dried flowers form Avalane, that were made months ago overseas, packaged and shown at a couple different shows! Check out the site, it's got great information and pictures on there.

{Above} Ania Norwood's Lily Sphere

{Above} Moniek Vanden Berghe's Bouquet

For the bride that loves drama on her big day! Baccara roses and feathers.
{Ania Norwood's Feather Bouquet}

This is a Moniek Vanden Berghe Bouquet.
Simply gorgeous! I learned how to make the mechanic for this in school and it's pretty cool I must say. I will look for the picture and post.

This heart shaped bridal bouquet with miniature roses was stunning.

Geert Pattyn made these two beauties, the heart bouquet and the round bouquet below.

This is the Queen of the composite rose. The Dutchess Glamelia I would say :P

Pink Baubles should be the name of this beauty.
Or pink pearls?
Either way the pink peonies and silver pearl accents are GORGEOUS. Just the type of bouquet I want for my wedding.
{below} Fluer

These next three were from Colby Neal and Beth O'Reilly.


Sprout said...

OK, that Paris Belgium thing sounds amazing (tricky to get info on), but it's in a month! I have weddings every week in September, never mind it wold probably take me year to save for something like this, I couldn't find prices...

Saw Tomas d. B.with Life 3 here in Boston last year. Really cool!

Best of luck with your grandmother. :-)

Bree said...

Hey Sprout!

Yes, I would love to go in September 2010 so that it coincides with the fabric textiles show in Paris which they take you to.

We could ditch our husbands and meet in

Believe me I would have loved to go this September but I have weddings and stuff planned. Oh, yes, and I need to save up about 4k as well.

Thanks for the kind thought :P


Adizat said...

WOW Bree! what a recap. thanks for sharing this experience with us.

Sprout said...

Sept. 2010, hmmmmmm.....remind me about our date in Paris in January!