Friday, August 14, 2009

Lime Green

Chartreuse, Citron, Lime- whatever! Me loves :)

Yep, I love me some lime.
My wedding colors were Chocolate Brown and Lime Green and my business cards are as well.
So naturally I'm drawn to these arrangements and ribbon.

I made this little guy for my viewing pleasure at home.
I like to make myself stuff that I haven't seen anywhere and that doesn't necessarily follow the rules of what flowers are "supposed" to look like.
Kind of looks mushroom-y right? But I like the clean color of the yellow cymbidium throats (Don't worry- I don't usually kill my cymbidiums mob style, I'm working on something and these were the broken cymbidiums that couldn't be used) and the green kermit mums and the ivory urn.

I've been a happy camper buying up the cool ribbon in the dollar section at Michael's lately.
I usually buy ribbon from the supply stores at the Flower Market but these fun patterns have been catching my eye.

I hold on to these whimsical ribbons in case anyone ever says they want some super cute ribbon but sadly no one has been adventurous enough yet.

I like the look of a solid ribbon, don't get me wrong.

Simple is quite pretty, too.
This is a simple kermit mum accented with tips of green larkspur and ivy, then ribbon wrapped with a thin yellow satin ribbon.

But then again, take a look a this pink boutonniere. It has a little pink larkspur, some pink cockscomb and some hot pink cockscomb. The white ribbon has gold, fuschia and aqua designs on it and I love it!

I love that cockscomb looks like velvet:)
Nature sure is sweet.

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Anonymous said...

I just found you on the web... what a refreshing surprise... your work is outstanding...and a joy to see... I am a designer also in the midwest... I love to see creative people that step out of the box... keep up the great work... the flowers must be happy...for you make them spectacular to look at!!!!!!