Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!!

Ahh Christmas Day.....I just love that there is nothing to do but chill out with friends and family and reflect on the year as New Year approaches. I love that there is no more shopping, nothing is open so you are forced to stay home and lounge and play with all your Christmas gifts. I love leftovers from Christmas Eve dinner and the movies all day long. I just love that I am lucky to have loved ones all around and that we are all healthy and happy!

Let's celebrate with Ikebana. Christmas Ikebana!

Those white paper things are actually bleached palms. Cost a fortune I hear and can be bought in Japan. The other little blue berries are Privit with a a maple branch spray painted red.

Lemons in your Christmas arrangement?
That Soho is clever! :)

LOVELOVELOVE the mixture of pine, anthurium and lemons!

Submerged holly!
Doesn't it look fabulous???
Submerged flowers in a pilsner or trumpet vase simply can not go wrong.

Here it is with a few sprigs of pine, some holly, poinsettia, and decorative ribbon.

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