Saturday, December 6, 2008

Big Ceremony Floral Arrangements

Playing catchup with my floral designs.
I am taking an events course that has us making HUGE floral arrangements for weddings, Altars, buffet pieces, and overall ballroom arrangements for impact.
These puppies took about an hour each to make!
It was time consuming because they had to be seen from all sides with focal points in a 360 degree view. It took lots of branches and flowers and a ton of stepping back to see where the holes in the arrangements were and make sure it was balanced from all views.
Here was the one I worked on for a white themed event.
Align Center
This fall floral arrangement was beautiful and bright.

This one stole my heart! It was soooo romantic...

I had to take two pictures! :)


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Gorgeous arrangement! Wish i can also learn how to arrange beautiful flowers like that. Thanks for sharing! I am well inspired.


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Yeah! this floral arrangement are perfect for big ceremony. I like it. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post. Keep posting!