Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Glamelia

I learned how to make Glamelias!
So now whenever I crave a Peony out of season I can make a fake one by making a Glamelia.
Basically you take a part a flower, in my case, a striking orange Gladiola, and you take apart the petals and them wire them back in place creating a new bigger flower.
Then you just floral tape the wire and Viola!
I found this beauty online. This one is made form rose petals.
Pretty and Fluffy looking huh?

You can make a small one like mine, a series of glamelia's to make a bouquet, or a big momma like this one here.



An Atlanta Bride said...

Absolutely gorg.

perfectly imperfect said...

i love these!


Sezme said...

Aren't they kind of fascinating? GO BIG or go home, hehe.