Friday, December 19, 2008


My finals are done! WOOHOO!!! =)
Relieved, can ya tell?
Here was one of my final projects!

It was a corporate display for a Christmas Bakery/Cookie Boutique.
I had my baking book sout and my cake stand that I *love*.

You want to eat my floral beidemeier tart dontcha?
Or is it just me???

I strung up huge pink ornaments and little ones for the display and used my wedding candy bar jars for some Russian Tea Cookies, Brownie Bites, and Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Check out my favorite cake book, Beautiful Cakes, it has the most gorgeous Neapolitan Cake on the front perfect for a pink, brown and Cream wedding.

Then after setting up for a few hours and giving a brief presentation and a 3 minute critique,
that was it. Murder she wrote.
I was over and I had to break apart my demo, I had to eat all the cookies*wink*, and then go home and play with the flowers!

Here is a freestyle design I made.
It has no method, no rules, no line I'm following, no making exact placements.

It was just a free thinking, the flowers go where they want type of thing.
It was actually liberating nopt having to think about what to do! After an entire semester of tests and arrangements that were judged and graded it was nice to just make something from the soul.

Here's a close up of the pink lisianthus and the gray protea that I love and can't wait to have a silver and pink wedding!

Wait till I get all the other demos posted, they were gorgeous!!!

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