Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stargazer Wedding {Part three}

I can't believe I forgot about the rest of my pictures from the Stargazer Wedding at St. Ignatius!

I Dropped off the florals at her Hotel room and was greeted by her beautiful Bridesmaids.
Had to take the bathroom bouquet shot!

That room was packed by the time I got there. I couldn't even fit in the room but I had to get a few shots where I could! Building a portfolio is no easy task :)
I made her a last minute Orchid Hair piece but I couldn't get past the stylist and florist and parents and 5 bridesmaids to take a picture :(
So I jumped on this bouquet/shoe shot.

Then luckily I was able to get one of her facing forward with her bouquet

I had to take a picture of the boutonnières in the hallway, too.
I feel really bad because she ordered 14 boutonnières and I thought she just had a big party plus ushers. She was a pretty laid back bride so I didn't question it. But when I got to the church all the men AND women were wearing them! I was horrified that instead of wearing corsages, the mothers and sponsors were wearing boutonnières! WAH! I will never take for granted that a bride and groom may not know the difference again.

The center Orchid bout was for the groom to match her bouquet and her hair piece.

The it was off to sit in traffic to make it to the church across town.
St. Ignatius is BEAUTIFUL!

Her lovely ladies waiting to be cued down the aisle with the bride looking on.

Now its her turn, see the hair piece? Yeah I can't either...pfft :P

She was so cute and nervous, I could hear saying to the coordinator
"OMG, I'm getting married, OMG,OMG,OMG!"

Then we were off to the Hyatt in Union Square.
Again in traffic because not only was it the sweetest day{according to the calendar}
But it was also the famous Nike Women's Marathon in SF.

My lovely friends came to help out, one because she wanted to help me out, the other because she's considering going into the event business and was curious to see how much work is really done on the day of. I hope I didn't scare her because as usual the day was hectic
We made it everywhere we had to be and everything looked good :)
The funny thing is they have the same name so every time I called one they would both answer and or come over to me, hehe.

Here they are working on the centerpieces.

Simple Ikebana inspired glass cubes filled with three stargazer flowers, buds, and curly willow.

Decorating the cake was left to me.
I was especially nervous because you can't mess up buttercream.
That's why usually the cake person insists on adding flowers and I always leave the flowers for them.

Also, the bride is a cake decorator.
Yep. That's her day job. A cake decorator.
You can imagine the pressure I'm feeling right???

But in the end, I did ok.
Here was the toss bouquet, I didn't want them to be completely broken when she threw the bouquet across the room by using only stargazers, so I used roses and lilies.

Then it was time to go....

{And they lived happily ever after}

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