Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm still trying to catch up with my posts.
I have so many pictures to share from school, events, and mock ups....I am falling behind :(

So here we go with some pictures :)

Happy Halloween!

What? It was two weeks ago? ok. then:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here are pictures of other Holiday pumpkins.

Someone said, I'm spraying mine silver.....

Someone else decided to go Gold.

Want to make a floral pumpkin centerpeice?
These are super easy to make. Ready?

Go out and buy a basic holiday floral bouquet from a flower shop or Trader Joe's or a Costco, break it apart and cut the flowers and greens down to about 3 inches of stem. Soak some floral foam, place it on a round dish that will hold the floral foam(being careful to use a container that has sides so that the water from the soaked foam does not spill over like, say, in a flat dish). Place your gourd in the middle of the foam and then start evenly spreading out your flowers all the way around. You will be surprised, it doesn't take that many flowers and leaves.
Make one for Thanksgiving dinner!

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