Sunday, November 9, 2008

Orange and Yellow Wedding

I have a last minute wedding that I'm taking on this month. They are a young Thanksgiving weekend couple and I'm pretty excited to work with them! :) I met with the bride and MIL today and I think we have everything hammered out.

With the exception, that is, of the name of the rose she wants to use.

See folks, this is why it's so important to meet with your floral designer and either have mock ups done or be able to find the exact flowers you want to use so that you can get the color you are after.
We all know that in the eye of your wedding mind(?) you have a SPECIFIC look and color you want. But! The color is subject to interpretation because what I consider pink some might say is hot pink and a light pink might be a mauve and still others might say its peachy pink. Or red might be a light burgundy or brick red or ox blood red....pretty much, it can mean anything!

So instead of being disappointed on your wedding day that your flowers weren't purple enough or the red wasn't vibrant. Take the time, and in some cases the extra money, to get that mock up done.

Here is what I'm working with...
We originally were going with the Leonidas

But then she saw this Circus Rose today!

I like the Bibi.
We talked about the Sunset Rose.

But she did mention the terracotta rose.....

I love Milvas, but if you are going to order will you opt for the
Milva creamy orange

or the Dark Orange Milva which in fact looks a bit pink to me, no?

So the next time you think, "Oh, they know what orange is"....guess again my friend, our minds spin as soon as you say a color. :)
Decisions, decisions.....I will let you know how it goes at the end of the month!

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