Monday, November 24, 2008

Center Piece Ideas for a Wedding or Event

I have got to catch up on my's been a long semester and I am SO ready for the Holidays!!!!
Oh yeah. Back to the pictures. :)

So here are some surprisingly easy centerpeice ideas to try out. We learned different mechanics in class and really forget the flowers used.
{Can't knock free flowers that we use in school. It's practice and in real life I can substitute with whatever flowers my little heart can afford. I mean, desires.}

These vases only have one entire hydrangea stem thats broken apart, a couple horsetail and 5 carnations and like 7 statice sprigs?!?!?! Holy crap if you had vases this would would cost you like $6!
P.S. the stuff holding the hydrangea florets are cellophane........Donovan is a genius.

This one is a square wreath foam you can buy pre-made. You literally just soak it in water and insert whatever flowers you like and then in the middle you can stick whatever sort of candles you like. In this case she used 4 pillar candles in little glass cubes. She accented with hydrangea florets. It can be hung on a door and then reused as a table centerpeice.

This is a round centerpeice using a round floral foam wreath. This one however, was just covered with galax leaves and decorated with pearl head pins and then tricked out by looping bear grass and 4 hydrangea stems to round out the middle. Perfect for a pink wedding!

This guys look hard to make but they are super easy! You basically use a tall cylinder vase, fill with water and then rubber band bear grass up the vase, then fold back over and secure with a another rubber band that you can cover up with the ribbon of your choice.

Here is a closeup.
The whole look is the bear grass so you really don't need a whole lot of flowers.

This one is my absolute favorite. Nixon, this talented guy in class, made this centerpeice and I think its fabulous. Like maybe for a guest check in or a gift table. I can see this at a wedding or a baby shower actually. I think it's the most beautiful blue that I believe is "Lake" from papersource.
I love the sunflowers and the wraffia and the little gourds he threw in for the fall.....
It's just a styrofoam box that's ribbon wrapped and then the flowers are pushed into water picks which are secured in to the foam. Easy Peasy!


LotusHaus said...

OMG, these are awesome! You are a fantastic floralista! What school do you go to?

Bree said...

I am in the Horticulture and Floristry program over at City COllege of San Francisco. They are one of the best certificate program places in the country! We won 1, 2, and 3 placed over all with the annual American Institute of Floral Designers Symposium. I am very happy with this program.:)
I also am working on an Ikebana cert. with Sogetsu School.