Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Golf Themed Centerpiece

It just occurred to me that I never shared my Midterm Project with you?!?!?
The one I slaved over in between my Tango and YouTube wedding!

So here's the deal.
I have an events class that I am taking and we do all kinds of neat things like make floral trees from scratch and make centerpieces ideas with themes and hanging floral pieces....just all kinds of floral projects for events.

So our assignment was to create a themed birthday party for a famous celebrity.
It had to be obvious that the theme represented that celeb so I picked Tiger Woods and made a Golf theme centerpiece. It had to have fresh flowers in it and it had to be an all around arrangement that could be seen from all sides.

I wanted to make something interesting to look at so I stuck to clean crisp colors that represent Golf to me: white, green, and bright yellow.

See my sand trap? :)
I got carried away, hehe.

I also stuck to a circle theme.
I used yellow buttons poms, succulents, moss, scabiosa pods, Galax leaves-
I made a Galax rosette you can't see :(
white mums, green hydrangea, and billy buttons.

The top had a white carnation sphere with a "fore" table number, and a wheat grass flat.
I used golf balls and tees.

I got a 97 on my design, being deducted on points for being too detailed..... ok.

Thought I would share my green golf centerpeice :)


kdlasvegas said...

OMG that's so awesome!

Zetti said...

This is a FABULOUS design!!!! We're surprising my dad for his 60th and the theme is golf. I stumbled on this when I was looking for different centerpiece ideas and thought it was perfect. Great job!