Friday, October 10, 2008

Wild Child Bride{ the beautiful Hot Pink Floral Bouquet}

Ahh... my lovely wild child wedding bouquet. I am so thankful when I come across bold brides who love color and the unexpected. I just wish I could have seen the bride with her dress on! I posted earlier this week about how I had two weddings in one day. One was my wonderful YouTube Bride and the other was this lovely bouquet that was going to Emeryville.

My bride contacted me for a small wedding request for just one fabulous bridal bouquet. She sent me some floral inspiration from the portfolio of the lovely Waterlily Pond.
I absolutely adore her so I was quite pleased to make a bouquet that was inspired by that look.
It's quite exotic looking, tropical, and robust with color. The bride was daring with her bouquet by letting me have at it and I love that.
So we had some must haves: Hot pink flowers, large blossoms, some orange and yellow.

So I scoped out the flower market and found this beauty.
Will you look at the size of this Orchid head? It's the size of my hand.

It was so thick and heavy I was afraid to cut down the stem to about a half inch like you normally would so I left it at about 2 inches and did a cross wire technique and just floral taped the heck out of this bad boy.

I used:
  • Lotus Pod
  • Lime green Celosia
  • Red tulips called Burgundy lace fringed tulips
  • Purple Dahlias
  • Hot Pink Extra Fancy Roses
  • Yellow Fuchsia Orchid
  • Fairy Grass
  • Green Anthurium
  • Yellow Gloriosa Lily
  • Pink and yellow Gloriosa Lily
  • Yellow and Red Pin Cushion Protea
  • Green leafs with a striped front and Purple back{cannot for the life of me remember their names!}

Here's a shot from the right.

A picture from the left.

A picture from the top.

And a shot dead on!
Here is the floral delivered!


Daisy Hernandez Terada said...

Love the new look of your page, B!!! Every time I check your page out you've got some beautiful/unique arrangements! Daaang, you're creative! Miss you dearly and I swear we'll get together before this year is over with! Freda sounds so excited about meeting you!!! You have to fill me in on that =)

Bree said...

I think we needed a bit of change, change is always good!

I meet with her soon.Her colors are a cool palette so I look forward to hearing her ideas and translating them to the flowers.:)eddau