Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stargazer Wedding{The Saga Continues}

The wedding was two weeks ago and the remaining Stargazers are still opening!!!
They are fighters I tell ya! Look at them???
I made a huge arrangement out of the buds and half opened buds
and they continue to open and stay alive.
Although they are beautiful, I don't want to look at another stargazer for a long long time, lol! They were extremely difficult to open and I got what I needed but it was stressful! SO DIY Brides thinking of Stargazers, make sure you get them AT LEAST
5 days in advance. I purchased 18 bunches on Wednesday for a Saturday wedding and I got 110 flowers to open for me out of almost 180 stems. That is one bud per stem and they have three buds on each stem that may or may not open. So plan accordingly.
Ok, off my soap box.
But they do make lovely pictures :)


Anonymous said...

Pretty and PINK! They make me feel like I am in Hawaii or somewhere tropical for some reason. May I add that they smell wonderfull!

kristin farr said...

i can just picture you staring them down trying to will them to open! lovely.