Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Stargazer Wedding {The Flowers}

Sorry for my lack of posts:(
I have been busy with a wedding that took a lot of of me!
I had to fight with some stubborn stargazer lilies to open for me....those stubborn ladies.

Here is a picture that I wanted to share because a lot of people think that working with flowers is all roses(no pun intended). We have to get up early to go get our flowers, spend time conditioning and stripping them, designing, then transporting, and then setting up.

Oh and did I mention cleaning? Lots and lots of cleaning!

So it's a good thing I love it. :)
I would rather spend 12 hours in my workspace with my flowers and my Ipod, than at an office from 9-5 any day.


So if you don't hear from me right away after a wedding, it's because I'm exhausted.
Thinking about the day, the designs, the whole experience.


Notice the picture above? The lilies are SUPER closed? It's Wednesday.
Out of 40 stems, almost 110 buds in each bucket, you can see that only
6-8 PER BUCKET are open for me.....
This is now Thursday.

By Friday I had about 40 open.
Mind you by the time the wedding comes I need to have a minimum of 110 open.

But on the plus side aren't these Dahlias the loviest shade of pink ever? Aren't they huge?
My camera does not do these justice...

So a little warm tap water and some table sugar in a bucket and to bed I go!
Maybe Saturday I will get my 110 minimum........

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