Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall Ikebana

This is how the day felt here in SF today.
The day was a typical San Francisco Day. It was cold and foggy one minute and then the next it was muggy and sunny and then by 4:45 as the class was wrapping up, it was sunny and bright but starting to get that Fall chill.

I have been gushing about how I love the fall and apparently I'm not the only one!
Look at these autumnal Ikebana arrangements.

My freestyle.

Two other beauties...the first one is an orange dyed cabbage flower and the second are green sunflowers.

Well actually they are yellow sunflowers that you can make look like this by removing the dry yellow petals. I love the look.


debula said...

Your freestyle looks great!
I love the leaves they look so fake!

Daisy said...

So pretty!!! I love fall colors!!!