Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bright Floral Arrangments!

Here is a crescent arrangement I made today. Included are:

Fresh Green Apples, Yellow Lilies, Green and Orange Mums, Yellow Daisies, Lily Grass, Green Melaleuca, Luecadendron, lemon leaf, Yellow Iris, Variegated Boxwood, and Ming Fern.

Here's the side one of the arrangement.

Here's the side 2.

I love how Maribel detailed her apple with the bullion wire!

Here is a beautiful floral arrangement that Jen made that I think would look fabulous at
a tea party or at an outdoor barn style wedding.
I think that it's feminine and all it needs is tufts of ribbon worked in and out of the overall arrangement. It's not really something I would have put together because I would not normally think: Peach and Lavender. Awesome.
lol! But when she did it I really liked it! =)
The picture does not to do it justice, it really was beautiful in "person" and I wish I had better
camera skills. :(

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