Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Indie Wedding-Part One-{The Flowers}

I want a do over..........
I want a garden wedding and I want it to look like my Indie Couple's wedding.

It was GORGEOUS!!!
I loved it, the couple was the BEST, the photo booth was off the hook, the food was great, haikus for kisses and SOOOO many people participated, the cupcakes were delish, the Wai-Ching dress was fabulous, the scrapbook/guest book was fun, and the teacups that she has collected for I don't know how long had the kitschy factor that everyone loved, and I will shut up now and show pictures!

So there is always a beginning right? I went to the flower market to pick up the flowers at 5am(which FYI is late, the best stuff available is between 2-3am) I hunted down some white peonies and yellow rununculas(which are out of season) and all the other funky, textured, garden-y type flowers I could find, keeping in mind what we had discussed and then putting it all together with what was available and fresh at the market.
Here they are sitting drinking water.

When I make my bouquets I separate my materials to make it easier to pick out. Call me crazy but I took a look at them and decided I rather liked the look of the clusters of the same flowers in blue vases. Plus the colors of the bride were various shades of blues, turquoise, aqua, green and yellow so they worked out great.

My sister came to keep me company and referred to these as my
Horton Hears a WHO flower! LOL! It's true!

Here are pictures of the BM's bouquets. She was pretty clear she wanted an unstructured-fresh-from-the-garden look.

The boutonnières
The two on the right are the groomsman and the right are the Lucky Groom's

The Corsages and Ring bearer Bouts.

Here are the left over materials and so I made arrangements to go in the lounge area. They went on several little tables that were sprinkled throughout the room.

Here is the Brides Bouquet that I absolutely loved. I really was eager to see if she liked them as much as I did and when she saw them she got this huge smile on her face
and I thought at that moment:
yeah, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

I leave you with one last shot of the head table. I must sift through about 200 pictures, I just kept snapping away because everything was so gorgeous. So stay tuned..................

*These are all my pictures with permission from the bride to use on my blog, please credit KUGAB.blogspot if you use them, thanks!*


lilQTangel said...

I was wondering what kind of flower the green one is that your sister reffered to as the clover from horton hears a who...I'm throwing a horton themed baby shower and would love to include these. Also would they turn pink if I added pink food cloring to the water just like you do to dye carnations or daisys? Thanks.

Bree said...

These are Green Dianthus Barbadus. It's in the large dinathus family that includes Sweet Williams and Carnations so if you google it you may find different images. If you google just "Green Dianthus" in images, you may find it a bit easier.
I'm not too sure they would turn pink, you best bet might be to try Oasis "Dip It" in the color you like. It's really easy to use on flowers. Good Luck!