Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How do they get those on the pews???

Mr. Pew meet Ms. Chenille P. Cleaner

I swear this little pipe cleaner has saved me many a time. I have used them to secure Martha Stewart Paper Pomanders, I have used them to secure hanging crystals from a bouquet (which incidentally I forgot to take pictures of the bridesmaids bouquets with the hanging crystal)

You can kind of see them here at the edges of the pictures. I used them in the first, second, and fourth bouquet. I looped fish line into the crystal and tied it on to a chenille wire that is the same color as the stems so you can't really see them. They hung just in front of the handle so when they held the bouquets they hung in different lengths right in front without being crushed.

You also use them to secure floral arrangements to just about anything that you want to.
For example, you have your pew and its flat.


It's not all pretty like this chair that has a place to hang stuff off so it makes life easy, no, the pew is flat.

What to do, what to do?
It's actually simple. Buy some pew clips which cost like $10-16 bucks for 12-24.
(Or less if you really shop around for a deal)
They can be purchased from any floral supply store or retailer, the above pictures are from sav-on-crafts which a lot of people are familiar with so I will link it here.

Anyhow, you can attach whatever you want to the clips with the chenille pipe cleaner and viola! Pew decorations become endless....

Here is a picture that Sav On Crafts offers to illustrate how to use floral foam to make your own floral decorations. Pretty self explanatory.

I came across this picture on someone's inspiration board a long time ago so I don't have a source (sorry!)
But I loved the look of the buckets and a mass flower with coordinating ribbon. They used the pew clips here to hold them up right in the middle.

See? you can't even tell right? But they are there!
Ready to hold up anything you want to attach to your pew: cones, ribbons, flowers, programs, pictures, lanterns, whatever you can think of!

This last picture from Instyleweddings kills me every time I look at it....I WISH I could get married in front of a tree JUST so I can hang ribbon from it. Isn't it stunning? I mean I love the lush rose petal aisle and the brown and white chiavari chairs and the simplicity of it all, but the ribbons with the lanterns just do it for me.


Anonymous said...

Brenda! I just want to let you know that I spent the last 25 minutes searching the web for how to get a pomander to hang on a pew, and I ended up getting a clear cut answer from you!!! Thank you. (And another idea I had was to cut the pomander ball in half and do half of the ball so it lays flat againt the pew) An yway, love & kisses! xoxo Jenny

Bree said...

That is a neat trick Jenny, thanks!