Tuesday, June 24, 2008


As in hot like....
Well as least that is what the theme tomorrow night will be for a non-profit called Public Allies.
They are hosting a graduation tomorrow for their participants and I was asked to make two arrangements to attach to an arch.

Here are my babies, er, floral arrangements :)

{Yarrow, Bupleurum, Red/Yellow/Orange roses, Ti Leaves, Celosia}

These little guys were too much!
My heart was full of joy when I saw these funky daisies!

Wahhh....I forgot to shoot my flowers in their buckets because I had to rush to get to class

*sniff* that's my thing. I'm a total before and after person.....o'well, next time.

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Philippine Florists said...

Wow! you such a creative person to do that kind of cute flower arrangements, i love the way you put all the different flowers in one bouquets, looks very attractive, keep it up!