Friday, April 9, 2010

Kumquats, red rununculas, golden poppies, AND daffodils?!?

Spring has indeed sprung!

kumquats right now. I
I could grow them in my backyard, but sadly, my thumb is black. : /

This is a mock up for an outdoor wedding taking place on someone's estate.
That's the second one I have this year and I am thrilled!
This is a wooden container with a plastic liner inside that I have been holding on to for a while now, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to be used.
What do you think of the blue and red runner?
I like it : ) Ikea~ $1 BABEEEE!

The kumquats are bananas. Yeah it doesn't make sense, but you get me right?

I used red rununculas, white daffodils, kumquats on the branch, and surprise surprise:
wild golden poppies.
The golden poppies won't last in the arrangement but they can stand in for now so that my couple can get an idea of what a bright orange flower would look like in there.

*sigh* I love looking at it in my kitchen...and believe me I NEVER bring flowers home.

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Janet said...

This centerpiece is absolutely stunning! (and those kumquats are totally bananas)