Wednesday, April 7, 2010

For Elizabeth....

who guilted, er, encouraged me to start posting again. : P

I have had the craziest 6 months and I am finally in the clear. WHEW!
I have no excuse not to go back to posting and taking pictures and visiting other blogs so here I am. Thank you Elizabeth for the reminder that someone reads my blog! and misses it ; )

This bouquet was a mock up for a bride who is kicking around the colors yellow, red and touches of white. I told her it would totally work, and to let me show her. I used yellow and red tulips, white and red tulips, red roses, jade roses, and yellow cymbidium orchids with red throats.

I 'm diggin it...I have another mock up I'm making tomorrow to show red, yellow with pops of orange....that should be interesting.

Thanks for reading!


Janet said...

It looks beautiful! Good to see you posting again!

Bree said...

Hi Janet!

Thanks, I am loving red and yellow right now. The kumquats(sp?)oh they look great with these, will post soon about those too!

Teryl Soren said...

I read your blog too! and thank you for posting I <3 your style.

Amanda said...

Hi I'm a freelancing florist/student from Australia and I check into your blog every week. I think i've nearly read all your posts!

Keep Blogging, I think you're great!