Monday, June 30, 2008


We are off to NY for the Fourth of July!!!

=) So very excited to go =)
Don't know where to start........there are so many places to go and things to see and will we fit it all in?
I don't actually don't care what we do, I'm in the Big Apple with the apple of my eye and I'm thrilled

Cheesy? yes.
Do I care?
NO!!!haha, I'm going to NY
*happy dance*

Saturday, June 28, 2008

From Sparks to flames....

...oh what a trail we'll blaze!

That was the whole theme of the Public Allies Graduation. I was wondering what it all meant the other day as I was making these arrangements, now I know! They asked for suggestions on how to decorate on a budget. I offered up all my available resources and then suggested some Martha Stewart pomanders that would cost them all of $20 to make. They made them and did a really good job of placing them in bright vibrant colors throughout the reception hall. They even broke apart my arch and added them to the bamboo. Pretty cool and affordable :)

For more info head over to their website Public Allies
"Public Allies identifies talented young adults from diverse backgrounds and prepares them for careers working for community and social change. Allies serve 10-month, paid apprenticeships at local nonprofits and participate in a rigorous and rewarding leadership development program with a diverse group of peers who are also of and working within their home community."

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rust ain't so bad.....

Ahhh...the mock ups.

Here is a "rust" themed wedding that is going down in August. My bride Daisy is primarily using Gerbera Daisies, but for her sweetheart table I needed to come up with something that would be beautiful and simple. This is an idea of what I will present to her and see if she's is diggin it or if she prefers something else. I absolutely love her color.
(Sidebar:Can you believe with a mega sale combined with a coupon I got 10 yards of this fabulous rust colored silk for $20? Augh! SUCH a good deal.)So we will see if this makes it to the big day.

Red, Chartruese, Green, Black, Brown Wedding

Whew! What a color combo! Love it : )

Multiple centerpieces, Funky Boutonnières, Basic Bouquet(except ribbon detail will be different FOR SURE) and the hi-low vases may line an aisle ; )

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ikebana Week {two-part 2}

Soho Sakai is a genius for this..........

Soho's purple arrangement: Hydrangea and Allium

So you know by now that I take pictures like a mad woman right?
Here are some pictures of the talented artists in my class.
It is inspiring to see things come to life and to see how 20 people in one room can create such different looks.

Maribel's Arrangements

Watch out when I figure out how to load up Photoshop onto my computer, then , then it will be

Flowers pictured:
Allium, Anthurium, Bear grass, dendrobium, Equisetum(horsetail), eucalyptus, Hydrangea, lily, peonies, Sunflowers, tulips

Ikebana Week {TWO}

Here are the arrangements I made for my Ikebana class, lesson: Basic Upright


Celosia and Yarrow

From the side

Here are my freestyle arrangments





As in hot like....
Well as least that is what the theme tomorrow night will be for a non-profit called Public Allies.
They are hosting a graduation tomorrow for their participants and I was asked to make two arrangements to attach to an arch.

Here are my babies, er, floral arrangements :)

{Yarrow, Bupleurum, Red/Yellow/Orange roses, Ti Leaves, Celosia}

These little guys were too much!
My heart was full of joy when I saw these funky daisies!

Wahhh....I forgot to shoot my flowers in their buckets because I had to rush to get to class

*sniff* that's my thing. I'm a total before and after person.....o'well, next time.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bouquet to go!

Easy peasy
Long stemmed tulip bouquet
to go with a tall gorgeous bride in a mermaid gown

I love little orders for simple arrangements and bouquets.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

6.7.8. Wedding: The Happy Couple

I, like a ton of other people, went to a wedding June 6, 2008.
I mean, it's the perfect date to remember right?


One of my good friends Ms. C married the love of her life so I am now happy to call her a MRS.

We both wished I had jumped into the world of floral design prior to her wedding planning, but alas, it wasn't in the cards.....
This girl was planning her wedding before I started panning mine!
Two years ago she started I believe.
So she had her vendors down packed for this 300 plus guest list ad she did a fabulous job!
There was a lot of love and planning that went into this day and with friends and family supporting the happy couple, they really managed to look relaxed, happy, in love, and content.
The guests had a great time and everywhere I looked there was laughter and smiles.
When it came to dancing EVERYONE was out of their chairs.
I consider this a success:)

I wanted to share some of my pictures because you know I took like 100.
I'm still trying to work on my camera skills and figure out all the buttons on that thing.

So let me start by saying that I cannot wait to see her pro pictures because when I walked into the Sheraton in Burlingame the front desk and lounge area was so beautiful, I thought she would have some great shots just in the lobby. I should have whipped out my camera before all the people came and surrounded that area but I didn't think of it until we were leaving. :( But the reception desk was a a floor to ceiling LED wall that was Fuschia when I entered and the high ceilings made it not to Las Vegas if that makes sense? The hallways were lined with flat screen tv's that were built into the walls so it lay flush, it was really modern, without it being too cold and pretentious.
You can kind of see it in the background of this picture before I switched the flash.
The lounge I loved and of course took pictures of the Orchids and bright chandeliers as I walked out

You know I took a picture of her centerpiece because, well because that's what I do, hehe. Always checking out what people use, how they set it up, what material s they use, what I would have done, you know, casing the joint.
Monstrera leaf, orchids, bells of Ireland, fern,delphinium
Trumpet vase, with two LED lights submerged in water jewels.

I wish I had made the time to make this DIY for my wedding. I almost tried to squeeze it in but didn't have the time.
Cute, endless possibilities, and convenient.
A pin cushion for your money dance if you chose to have one at your wedding.

I was so envious of her monogram on the dance floor. I really wanted them for my wedding but at $1700 for pin lighting, monogram, and up-lights in the room, we thought alchohol was a better choice for us to spend our money on. But her lighting was so well placed in her room and I loved her dance floor.

The amazing cake, was so yummy, I ate the persons cake next to me that had left before it was served. Yes, I did. In my defense, I was just not wanting to waste.....that delicious moist cake.
Here it is without the top layer but you can see it sitting next to the cake. They were ready to cut it up but I ran across the room to snag a picture before they did! HAHA, you should have seen me weaving through like 35 tables.

The bouquets on the table.

The couple and their families decide they wanted to give the guests a taste of their cultures so they had not one, but two entertainers there during dinner time.
The first was a group of traditional Filipino dancers doing the candle dance which is a balance of movements while holding lit candles that are preformed at Filipino weddings. I was too busy shoving my face with prime rib to take a picture and then they announced that the grooms mother wanted to share a bit of her culture. I was delighted to see they hired a belly dancer! I have never been to a wedding with a belly dancer before and boy was she entertaining. The crowd went nuts and everyone was clapping and smiling.

So then the Mr. and I went to get our groove on when they played a Prince song that I love and then we had to call it a night. It was a long day and we were beat. We went to say goodbye to the couple on the dance floor and they looked so happy and in love*sigh* we left with a great feeling.