Saturday, August 28, 2010

Love it to Pieces

The Julia Morgan Ballroom has the ceiling I love to a matter of fact if I could take a piece, I would. : P

I had a walk through this past week with Jessica of Dreams on a Dime for a wedding we are working on next month. Jessica and I worked on
Pink San Francisco City Hall Bride
My San Francisco Green Room Bride
along with my Julia Morgan Bride in October and my
Winter White Wedding Bride in! I know, I know, what's up with these names right? Well if you follow my blog you will know I try my best to protect the innocent and rarely publish a first and last name unless they have given me the green light. She's a super cool person and one helluva vendor if you are looking for a wedding planner.

We met Linda, who BTW, is one of the nicest ladies EVER, for a quick walk through of the venue.
Bank by day, wedding ceremony location by night. The gold, marble and bronze is ridiculous in there! The ceremony will take place up front where the doors to the bank will be draped and two 6 foot arrangements will go.

The guest come upstairs for a cocktail hour and then the doors are open to a reception area with honeycomb ceilings and spectacular views of the San Francisco.


The 20 foot fireplace is majestic.
Jessica made me laugh by saying I could rotisserie her if I chose!

We will use lots of candles, glassware, curly willow, orchids and roses in browns, rust, oranges, and reds. I can't wait for this one!

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