Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake

Listen to me:
Tracy at The Buttercream Studios is a *&&^*@#% Rock Star. period.
WOW. wow. woooow.

Enough about me, and what I think of her...let's look at the facts. Go to her site and look at her cakes and tell me they are not *gorgifical*{real word, trust me I'm a florist.} I am a self proclaimed flower snob and her orchids and hydrangeas are unreal...go look! Check out the couture cakes. Not only is she talented, but she's super sweet. I <3 her.
She also competed in the Food Network challenge that's airing later this year so be sure to check her out ;)

Pink San Francisco City Hall {part three}

Our bride served one sliver of each flavor to all the guest so that they too could enjoy each and every delectable bite of this humongous cake.

Here are the pictures of he beautiful cake she made for my pink wedding wedding.
With no flash and no lighting it was gorgeous.

But when the gold and pink lights hit it, it was spectacular!

Everything was hand made and hand painted...just look at the detail.

The night before I was running behind and couldn't get to her studio so my sister went out there for me with flowers and she came back with a tray of cake. Before she said "hello" she said open this NOW so I can eat it. I let her have one bite of each {because I am greedy} and she too was in love. I managed to save some for my husband and at 2am this was my dinner.

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