Sunday, December 5, 2010

Winter Wonderland Bride

I'm not dead.
I lure you in with a picture, and then
BAM! I hit with an
"i'm sowwy"{sad face}
In hopes that you will accept my apologies for my lack of posts.
For those concerned- yes...I'm aliiiiive.
I have been busy personally and professionally and I didn't even want to half a** my blog until I had the time. Umm...except that's not now, this is just a teaser pic so that you know I will be back. Before Christmas even, just not until I finish out my latest project that will consume me till the 18th of this month. THEN, its a new me baby.

BTW~this pic is from an all white wedding at the Sir Francis Drake in San Francisco over the weekend. It was stunning! The Bride wanted to create a winter wonderland and that we did!
I will share soon =)