Friday, October 23, 2009

Raspberry and Navy Blue {Part Two:The Personal Flowers}

Raspberry and Navy Blue {Part One: The set up}

{Raspberry and Navy Blue Bride}

The personal flowers were my favorite part.

The bridal bouquet was a compose of Green Hypericum berries, deep fuchsia spray roses. hot pink roses, super green roses, magenta Vanda Orchids, the gorgeous Phalaenopsis Orchid, and finally some deep pink cockscomb.
Texture city huh?

The bridesmaids bouquets included lime green cockscomb, deep fuchsia stock, green hypericum berries, hot pink roses, and super green roses.
All the bouquets were ribbon wrapped with Navy Blue Satin.

The Lucky Groom's Boutonniere used most of the same flowers in the bridal bouquet.
The bout was a single raspberry Phalaenopsis, a deep fuchsia spray rose, a tiny piece of the deep hot pink cockscomb and hypericum berries.

I always make two for the groom when I use orchids in case the bout becomes a little sad, that way the groom has a back up. :)

The fathers boutonnieres were single Phalaenopsis Orchids ribbon wrapped in navy blue satin like the groom and groomsmen, to match the super simple mother corsages.
That was a basic corsage that was a double pink Orchid with a navy blue satin bow.

The other corsages were simple fuchsia spray rose, myrtle and salal corsages with satin navy blue bow.

The rest of the wedding party had simple Hot Lady roses with a few hypericum berries and a super simple ribbon wrap in that navy blue.

I forgot to take pictures of the two Presentation Bouquets that I made for the mothers,
but when your running around and barely have time to take pictures, well, what can you do right?

I took one final picture of the waiting room before it was time to tackle reception number two.

So I walked out (quite happy with our time!) to my Pacifica, and as my crew walked to the other SUV I got in my car and it wouldn't start.
oh sh**!

Stay tuned to hear about how I had to sell orchids to hitch a ride to the next set up.....

Next up is reception number 2!


Flower Design Jane said...

Superb work, the corsages look beautiful

Bree said...

Flower Design Jane~

Thanks and I especially love it coming from you because your detail work on every corsage/bout on your blog is impeccable. :D

Sprout said...

Love the moms' phal corsage - simple and perfect!