Friday, October 9, 2009

Yellow and Purple Bride

Eh? eh? see two post this week.....I'm pretty back aren't I?
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I like simple things. Simple flowers, nothing too crazy, I don't have a complicated cell phone, I can't program a DVR, I like my stuff pretty darn easy and know what I mean?simply simple.
This wedding was perfectly simple and I adored it. :)
It took place across the Bay Area in Berkeley. Yep folks, back to UC Berkeley the following weekend, except this time our destination was the UC Berkeley Faculty Club.

{Yellow and Purple Bride}
Dont'cha just wanna lay in the bed of roses?
These babies are 24 cube centerpieces lined ready to go into the back of the Pacifica.

When we got to the faculty club we had to go down a stairs or walk down a rather steep tiny hill with the centerpiece in hand. Yikes!
Thank God they let us borrow this cart to carefully roll down the hill on the side of the house.

This is the inside of the Faculty club and as you can see, we needed those bright colors to bring some warmth into this place. The room itself has incredible light coming in from the windows and the incredibly high ceilings were fabulous. The couple didn't want too many flowers, but they did want color, something low that wouldn't obstruct the flow of conversation and something that would work on long tables.

We came up with low cube glass vases with ti leaves, yellow Latina and Skyline roses, purple Cool Water roses,and some variegated pittosporum. The bud vases were also line with ti leaves and a single purple rose as well as some yellow and purple rose petals.

The round tables had the same yellow and purple centerpiece with rose petals sprinkled all around. I totally loved their personalized table number pictures.

I loved their paper products all around. The escort cards were simple white card stock with a leaf pattern that matched the cake. Super cute!

I adore3d this cake!
So simple with a soft yellow and cream print as well as that cute leaf pattern. *sigh* I want a cake like this for my bday!!!!

As we hurried to get everything done, and perfect and get outta there I glanced over and saw the first kiss as a married couple going on! So I commemorated with a picture of course and then it was off to the Bay Bridge.

This wedding was super chill. No personal flowers, did you notice? It was great, although I did miss making the bridal bouquet, but the corsages? -not so much, hehe. This bride was seriously laid back and so nice, as was her cousin from the week before {my Ikebana Bride}, so I felt really lucky to have met them both and really enjoyed working with both of them. :)

And Guess what?

{they lived happily ever after....}

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