Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I have a party that I am doing the arrangements and decor for in May. It's a party in which everything is rolled up into one big affair instead of celebrating three different events at different times. I think it's better that way and since its Spring and they are two sacraments it can be done in light colors and pastels and I am pretty excited to see what we can do with it.

Pomanders a la Martha Stewart are making an appearance.
They are easy to make, make an impact, and are super inexpensive.



Alternating from the beams will be these balloon flowers

Directions on how to make are here

I bought these cute little white pots.

I think I am going to make little miniature pomanders with carnations and tie a cute ribbon around the belly.

{JKM Ribbon and trims}

First though I am going to make some with silk flowers to see how many flowers it takes and if it's going to be more economical that way.

I am going to make her a collage of her kids pictures to put around the hall to give it a personal touch and I am thinking we will have two tables. One with the communion/Baptism cake. The other a princess theme for her daughters birthday so when they look back at pictures they will have a first birthday picture.

She already got the favors but how fun would these be for favors?
I just love Bakerella!

You can get instructions here.

They seem pretty simple to make and mark my words, you will soon see a post about how they tuned out for me. :)

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