Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sneak Peak at the BLUE wedding

Excuse the lack of posting but I having been a busy bee. I just finished up the blue wedding and let me tell you the bride looked so beautiful and the whole family is just one nice group of people as a whole. Kudos to everyone in her family for putting up with the windstorm that hit SF that day. Seriously-it was ridiculously windy but the bride was way more fierce than that old wind let me tell you, that groom is one lucky dude.

Anyhow, I cannot find my camera!!!! I can't believe it!

sob :*{

I was lucky enough to receive some pictures from my friend C.

So here they are until I find my camera.
(cross your fingers for me)

I set up three different centerpieces.

Pomander one: carnations (the unsung hero) with pearl pin detail.
Let me tell you this momma took 70 carnations and 70 pins by index finger hurts.

Pomander two: white mums

Centerpiece number three: White bowl with blue water and rose shaped floating candles.
(I hope they lit them at some point?)

The beautiful cake by Nikki at A Tale of Two Truffles
Blue hydrangeas on the cake and see the votives that I glued her ribbon onto?

Appetizer table that I set up with leftover flowers! I didn't know there were additional flowers needed and when the point person over at the hotel asked me for something, I whipped up these hydrangeas and white stock.

So that's it for now but once I get the ok to post some with the bride and of the rest of the flowers they will be up! :)

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