Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Meet Del...

Ms. Grainer is modeling our Senicio String of Pearls choker and antique brooch along with our handmade cocktail hat with succulents, ti leaves, cymbidium, clematis
( funny story to be told at a later time), and the black/deep burgundy feathery thing that sounds like agonizing>>>something. I can't remember now. But this too, ties into the story of how I had a verbal malfunction at the Gala in front of a reporter who was interviewing us no less...virtual delphiniums to the person who can help me out!

What a nice surprise to find in the San Francisco Chronicle the following;

"Meanwhile, to Ruby Kade and Brenda Mira, City College students who, "inspired by the French impressionists," created Easton Grainer's dress out of 100,000 delphiniums (provided by Whole Foods, where Kade presides over the flowers on Fourth Street), bravo, and you'll catch up on your sleep later.

I am super juiced!

We are also going to be on TV on Sunday at 6:30PM on KRON on RED CARPET SF!

From the website:
Red Carpet Bay Area, a brand new magazine-style program highlighting the region’s unique culture, personality and style, airs bi-weekly on Sundays at 6:30 pm on KRON.

Check back to see how we turned turned 100, 000 of these into a full on couture gown.


Janet said...

I love the hat!

LucyM said...

What kind of glue did you use? and what was the fabric of the original dress? Looks fabulous!