Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ikebana {Leaf work}

The first lesson I tackled in the Sogetsu School of Ikebana book three was called:
"With Leaves Only"
So I used one Monstera leaf, two Kiwi ti leaves, and two New Zealand Flax leaves that I twisted to created a sort of windblown horizontal look.
Super simple, but I liked it a lot. So did Soho because she didn't move a thing!

See, here's the thing with Ikebana instructors, they move stuff to show you how to correctly make the placement, or they add stuff or remove stuff to create balance.

Soho is super cute because she has funny little sayings that keep you laughing even as she is tearing apart your arrangement.
Like lets say two flowers are too close together, she will say:
"These two ladies gossip too much. We need to separate so they can be peaceful"

or if you have three flowers that are not facing each other she will say:
"Look, mother and father are in a fight and the baby doesn't know where to go.
Everyone is lost"

My favorite is if you have something that is too tall and the next flower is too far away:
" Upstairs downstairs, these two are headed for divorce"

Haha,she cracks me up!
As she is telling you this she is re-arranging your flowers and the little way she will face something makes a completely different arrangement sometimes.
That is what 50 years of Ikebana does for you .

So when she doesn't move anything, it is quite a compliment :)

Here was my arrangement before.

Here is it afterward.
Notice how she added height? Made it more exciting she said, and I agree.
Man. Why didn't I think of that? She says I need to think big sometimes, not to be afraid.

Here is a closeup of the lovely red and white variegated anthuriums.


LotusHaus said...

beautiful work! sigh, i feel deprived... i haven't worked with flowers in so long! thanks for the inspiration :)

Sprout said...

WIND is exactly what it looks like! Well done!

Anonymous said...


Very nice.


Mary R said...

You are right about Ikebana instructors and yanking things out and moving them around. I guess they just "understand" the arrangement in a way that I don't yet. I started ikebana 2 weeks ago and I have fallen in love with it. Also love the flowers on your sight!

Keith said...

Love it! I get to see your sensei give a demonstration here in Washington,DC in two weeks. I am VERY excited! I've had many people who have studied with her tell me that I am in for a real treat. Keep up the great work!!!!!

Bree said...

Keith that's wonderful!
She's excited to go to DC and you will love her! Every demo she has done that I have been to is full and standing room only if you are not there early.
Take pictures and blog about it! Would love to see them :)