Friday, April 10, 2009

Blue Wedding

One of my next weddings later this month involves Shocking Blue Hydrangeas and Blue Roses.
The bridal bouquet will be blue and white kind of like it is pictured below, except instead of white roses we will be using white orchids. I have never worked with blue roses and I'm excited to make a bouquet that is not a conventional color. It should look really good against her white dress.


The bridesmaids will be walking down the aisle with these bad girls.
This is the shocking blue hydrangea with white callas instead of peach ones like they have here.

{The Knot}

We are going to light up the bridal bouqet with some *bling* and put a ti leaf collar on the base of the bouquet.
Should be really pretty!

The centerpeice are going to be pink lilies in white vases that the bride decorated and the guest check in table will be a big pink and white "gift box" that is going to be constructed out of white mums and pink mums. I haven't been to the Cliff House in
San Francisco since they remodeled yet so it should be really nice out there.
Stay tuned.......

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